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Verzamelde Jean M.Auel fan-fictie



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Verhaal: The Adventures of AylaSue ©
Auteur: Izza
gevonden op: link

The Adventures of Ayla-Sue

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I just like to have fun.

A/N: I loved the Clan of the Cave Bear, and have read the series for years. But recently I've been listening to "Shelters of Stone" while doing my housework, and this just sort of came to me...

"Wake up, sleepyhead" Marthona said, smiling as she drew back the curtains on Ayla-Sue's giant four poster bed. It had been a good idea, the former headwoman decided, to create giant beds with curtains. She only wondered why it had taken them so long to see how much warmer they would be.

Ayla-Sue stretched and rolled on the bed. Jondalar had left early, as he always did these days, muttering about fishing, or "lucky Thonolan".

"Good morning, Marthona Stewart of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii. I, Ayla-Sue, greet you." she said, in her heavily accented voice, that people were continually surprised by, even though she had lived with them for some time now. It was just one of her many differences.

"What do you think you will do today, Ayla-Sue" Marthona asked, fluffing a stray pilliow, and looking about for any small animals Ayla-Sue might have adopted.

"I cannot decide. Part of me wants to invent terraced agriculture, but another, stronger part wants to upset Zelandoni with comparative theology. It is a hard choice, but my totem, the Great Cave Lion, will guide me. What will you do this day?"

"Well, I have already baked something I call 'loaves of bread' in the oven you invented the other day. It was quite easy. I ground flour in the 'mill', mixed it with some of the foamy mixture from my wine, and voila! We have a tasty fluffy treat."

"That sounds good. Maybe if we could raise a baby antelope or bison, we could take the milk from it, and if we shook it up very very well, we would get something to put on the loaves of bread. I think butter would be a good name. It is the Mamutoi word for "something you spread on something else."

Ayla-Sue rolled off the bed, and headed for the shower she had invented. The whole Ninth Cave had helped build it, of course, but Ayla-Sue had gotten the idea for it by watching a waterfall.

"Jondayla is over with the other children watching the Saturday morning shadow puppets. I must say, that was a wonderful idea, Ayla-Sue. It keeps the children out from underfoot, while the adults can sleep in."

Ayla-Sue was fast in the shower. It continuously amazed people that she could clean up, and get dressed in her usual outlandish outfits so quickly. Her fashion sense awed the people of the Ninth Cave, and even Zelandoni wore the colourful mu-mu Ayla-Sue had woven for her, on her hydro-electric loom.

Marthona was looking around the sleeping place Ayla-Sue and Jondalar shared. "I think we should invent wallpaper." she told Ayla-Sue, who was towelling off her dark blonde hair. "It would brighten this place up quite a bit."

Ayla-Sue did not seem to hear her. Her eyes had glazed over, and she was making small huffing noises. Marthona finished making the bed, and sat down to wait. In a few miniutes, the fit had passed, and Ayla-Sue was herself again.

"What is it, Ayla-Sue?" Marthona asked with concern and excitement in her voice. "Another vision?"

"I do not like to walk in the world of the spirits, but they have told me that we must find and save a baby ground sloth that is not far from here. It has lost its' mother. I shall call it "Ground Sloth" That is the Clan word for "Ground Sloth"".

"Why must we save it?" Marthona asked, wondering where they would put it.

"The ways of the spirits are not known to me, Marthona Stewart, but Zelandoni may know. We will ask her."

The Zelandoni of the Ninth Cave, First Among Those Who Serve The Mother, was using the stepper Ayla-Sue had invented for her. Ever since Ayla-Sue and Marthona had discoverd the thing they called 'chocolate', her already immense girth had increased to the point where her mu-mu was getting tight. Like all the Zelandonii, the First had no trouble with going naked, but small children were starting to scream when they saw her coming.

"No pain, no gain" she muttered to herself, sweating profusely.

Marthona and Ayla-Sue stepped into the dwelling of the First, and again the huge woman was struck by Ayla-Sue's foreign beauty. She increased her pace on the stepper.

"Good morning, Zelandoni" Marthona called, picking up some dried herbs and begining to arrange them.

"In the name of the Great Earth Mother, I, Ayla-Sue, of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii, formerly Ayla-Sue of the Mamutoii, formerly Ayla-Sue of No People, formerly Ayla-Sue of the Clan..."

"Yeah, yeah, hi." Zelandoni snapped. "What can I do for you, ladies?"

"Ayla-Sue has had a vision." Marthona stated. She had finished with the herbs, and was now looking at some rugs on the floor.

"Not again!" Zelandoni exclaimed wearily. She stopped her workout, wiped her face with a towel, and looked at the beautiful young woman. "What is it this time? We don't have to dig out another cave for 'refreigeration' do we?"

"No, no, Zelandoni. We must save a baby ground sloth. Its' survival is very important. But we don't know why."

"Who cares why?' Zelandoni said, taking a drink of cold water from the bottle Ayla-Sue had developed. "Just go save the thing and we'll figure out what to do with it later." She paused. "It doesn't have to live in here with me, does it?"

"No, it will be my responsibility."

"In that case, may the blessing of the Mother go with you."

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